Advantages Of Weatherboards

Advantages Of Weatherboards

Weatherboards are often used in the environment where the climate is very damp and there is a high chance of salting. Not only this, in the areas where there is high rainfall and snowfall. The weatherboards cladding are used on the roof. These are designed and structured in such a sense that all the rain and snow fall down from the roof and do not stay on the roof for long. Visit this link for more info on cladding products Melbourne.

Due to this fact it is recommended that horizontal boards must be used in the construction of the weatherboards because if vertical weatherboards Melbourne are used then the rain or snow fall will be stuck in joint when falling down. Although weatherboards made from different materials offer different advantages but since the most used type of weatherboard is the timber weatherboard so the benefits that it provides are discussed below.

Timber is material that is very light and in all the woods it is considered to be one which provides an easy installation. Because of the fact that it is light and its size is not very large, it provides a cost-effective solution and the cost of building the structure is reduced. Timber is famous for its properties of thermal and the properties of acoustic. Although, timber do require maintenance after some couple of year in order to retain itself and look fresh. This may seem a cumbersome job but it is not as it is seeming. It is very easy to maintain the timber and its repairing is also very easy. Timber is a very elegant wood and most of the people only go for timber weatherboards because of its beautiful texture. Not only this, other type of materials manufacturers also tries to make their material look like timber because it has very attractive texture and aesthetic features. Timber offers durability and if correctly installed and maintained it is likely to give you a very long-life span.

Contrary, just as timber weatherboards are very famous the fiber cement weatherboards are also equally hit in the market. These also offer many advantages just as the timber weatherboard. First of all, the color range for the fiber cement weatherboards is very versatile. Secondly, unlike timber it does not need much maintenance and like timber these are also easily installable. The major advantage of fiber cement is that these are very resistant to water and fire. Not only this but are also termites and rotting resistant. It does not has the ability to shrink under intense weather conditions. Weather is not a challenge for fiber cement as these are very much resistant to it. Moreover, these weatherboards could be installed in any direction either vertically or horizontally.