Types Of LED Lights

Types Of LED Lights

LED lights are a popular choice for those who are     looking for something that gives better light and still saves energy. The bulbs became very popular in the past few years. The popularity encouraged the manufacturers to introduce a wide variety of LED bulbs. Today these LED lights are available in distinct form and can be bought in a number of different sizes, colors and shapes. Besides this the LED lightscan be bought in following categories:

  1. The miniature version

Besides the size of ordinary bulbs the cree LED lights can also be bought in a very small size. They come in the sets of a single color or single size. The major utility of these lights is observed in the electronic devices like the remote controls, mobile phones, and certain machines. These small creations are easy to handle. There is   hardly any device needed to lower the temperature as they are cooler than many other light providing devices. The further classifications of the    LEDs include standard, low current and ultra high output. The miniature LEDs usually come in two different volt varieties being 5 and 12 volt.

  1. High Power LEDs

With the advancement in technology the diodes were upgraded that led to the creation of the high power LEDs. They are refered as the said because they are made out of the lumensthan. They are brought together to create the high powered chips that can further generate a bright light.  They are further classified according to the voltage, luminosity and wavelength.   The miniature LEDs they heat up very quickly therefore they must be attached to some heat absorbing materials. In this way the temperature comes down and the chances of getting destroyed are minimized. What makes them more complicated is the fact that before installation it is important to consider the temperature and the   current limits. These kinds of lights are excellent for the tube lights, lamps, cars, etc.

  1. Application-Specific LEDs

It is a very broad category of the LEDs. The further classification of this category includes lighting, alphanumeric, Red Green Blue, multi color, and the flashing LEDS. The lighting LEDs also known as the illuminating LEDs are a great replacement of the conventional bulbs. Alphanumeric lights are used to display the numbers and the alphabets. They are visually eye catching and impressive enough to get the attention of the viewers. The RGB LEDs use the LEDs of three colors to present the indications. They are great for the displays and the light shows.

  1. Flashing LEDs

In some places it is must to make the things look brighter and attractive. It is the technique used for the commercial tasks like advertising. In order to serve this purpose the flash LEDs   were introduced. Apparently these lights are not different from the simple LEDs but they work with the help of the integrated circuit.  They ate excellent for presenting the advertisements. Check this link https://www.elinz.com.au/ to find out more details.