Corporate Events, Have You Heard About It?

Corporate Events, Have You Heard About It?

coffee cart sydney

You want to impress your guest or friends by hosting a party or event by some delicious foods or smoky tender but you don’t have time to smoke own?

Catering for outdoor BBQ: Imagination ad innovation

Allow the buffet express team to prepare a mouthwatering feast for you and your friends and corporate BBQ catering in Sydney for your event. Let our caterers provide a delicious dining experience for your gathering. We can handle everything, from informal stand-up to formal sit-down eating.

Buffet express offers you corporate BBQ catering Sydney. We can provide catering for any event at a private home, a reputable location, or any of the public parks in Sydney.  We have been your reliable partner for classy corporate BBQ catering Sydney and events of all kinds for many years. We originated in the world of BBQ, grill catering, and street food, where we have flourished. Respect for our providers, employees, and clients is always promoted, as well as local, seasonal, and sustainable practices.

We wants to make your barbecue party entertaining, simple and delightful. Whether you need caterers for a wedding, a barbecue night e, a sit-down buffet style dinner, or an office lunch, our team of the best caterers in the area can make your event memorable.

Coffee catering for your event!

Coffee have long been the focus of guest hospitality at events, congresses, conferences, trade fairs and corporate events. The scent of freshly ground coffee, filter machine in exclusive design and a barista who masters the different types of coffee preparation to perfection. Is the mobile coffee cart hire an idea for your event? Then contact us. We guarantee you a coffee catering at the highest level, whether for 30 or 2000 guests.

A barista is a true artist in decorating the milk foam. This special art is called “Latte Art”. The milk foam serves as a canvas. For example, hearts or flowers are created on the “canvas”. Try our coffee cart hire in sydney and make your event special.

Coffee – The fresher, the better?

A mobile coffee cart is more than just an attractive event central focus. It serves as a welcome sign and a sign of warmth. By giving you best barista service and fresh coffee quality, we hope to make you a wonderful host. Our goal is to provide you and your visitors with the best possible coffee specialty, and make your event lifetime memorable.

Taste experience with all your senses

We want to appeal to your guests with all their senses. For us, coffee is a stimulant! Then the first sip of a creamy cappuccino!