A List Of Popular Hen Party Ideas

A List Of Popular Hen Party Ideas

Being a bridesmaid is no easy job! You will be responsible for a lot of things including helping your bride to be bestie plan her wedding, going for bridal fittings and of course, throwing an epic hen party that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives. However, this can be a lot of pressure, especially if this is your first time being a bridesmaid and everyone, including your bestie expects the best from you. We are here to help you make your shindig the most epic one in town with some great ideas that will get surely get everyone excited.

A farm weekend

This is a unique idea that no one will expect you to come up with and will surely impress your bestie. Pitch the idea, fix a convenient weekend for everyone and drive down to the country side to spend the whole weekend like a bunch of country lasses. Among the many things you’ll get to do are milking cows, bread making, feeding animals and even pottery. A unique activity like this will be hard for anyone to forget and they’ll be thankful you put it together.

A scavenger hunt

This is a fun and exciting activity that will get everyone physically involved and work in groups or pairs to have some child-like fun before getting hitched. The ideal time for the hunt would be night and the place would be a city oozing with night fever. This is one of the most perfect games for hens night because it gives the gals a chance to hit some of the hotspots in the city following clues that you’ve handed them or to collect a list of items from specific locations. At the end of the day, the team with the best collection will be chosen by the bride herself.

A cruise with the hens

Not many activities can top a private party cruise with all your gal pals to have the best time, floating on a fancy boat sipping on some margarita! The party can have all the things you want from snacks to drinks to some topless waiters who will be a fun addition that will get everyone excited.

A spa weekend

Preparing for a wedding can be really tough on the bride! As her best friend, organize a relaxing, luxe spa weekend for her to have the most pampered two days of her life, with the best ladies in her life. Besides, this is a great opportunity to rid yourself or the stress and get some much needed physical and mental healing done and get ready for the wedding.